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 Sensormatic Item-Level Intelligence / RFID
ADT is focused on operational improvements on the retail selling floor. Our family of Item-Level Intelligence solutions enables information accuracy that drives intelligence back into the supply chain by improving the integrity of the data at the item level on the retail selling floor. This intelligence improves existing store operations by providing visibility into their inventories to drive increased profitability and revenues.
RFID System Benefits:
 Maximize On-Floor Availability
Eliminate misplaced items
Reduce out of stocks
Minimize replenishment time
 Improve Operational Efficiencies
Reduce stocking labor

Improve inventory accuracy

Minimize overstocking
 Reduce Shrink
Internal from the backroom
Dressing Rooms
Front exits
 Improve Customer Satisfaction
Locate merchandise easily
Product availability
Case Study:

Sensormatic® Item-Level Intelligence solutions from ADT® boost sales at the Netherlands’ largest bookstore

In the News:

ADT Security Announces Sensormatic Real-Time Inventory Visibility Solutions for Retailers


White Paper Identifies Inventory Cost Savings and Cash-Flow Improvement Opportunities for Retailers Implementing Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Sensormatic Item-Level Intelligence range includes:

TrueVUE™ Site Manager™
RFID Network, Device and Data Management software for use at individual site locations.

TrueVUE™ Essentials™
out-of-box RFID workflows and reports.


TrueVUE™ Essentials™ Mobile
controls a handheld RFID reader to tally the number of tagged products quickly, allowing companies or outside representatives to take frequent accurate inventory counts and provides mobile access to Essentials workflows and reports.


TrueVUE™ Enterprise Manager™ -
enterprise version of TrueVUE™ Site Manager™ providing RFID Network, Device and Data Management across the enterprise.


TrueVUE™ Commissioning™
centralized EPC commissioning tool designed for use across numerous sites, companies, and products, offering a sophisticated EPC number management system and RFID tracking repository.

TrueVUE™ Exchange™
web services that allow system integrators, partners and customers to seamlessly integrate EPC and RFID data into existing 3rd party systems and applications.
The total Item Level Intelligence solution combined with ADT installation, deployment, and monitoring services, provides a comprehensive solution that enables a return on investment for the retailer with improved operational efficiencies.

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About ADT Security Services
ADT Security Services, a unit of Tyco International, is the largest provider of electronic security services to more than seven million commercial, government and residential customers worldwide. ADT's total security solutions include intrusion, fire protection, closed circuit television, access control, critical condition monitoring, electronic article surveillance, radio frequency identification (RFID) and integrated systems. ADT is the premier supplier of Sensormatic® Retail Solutions Portfolio.


About the Sensormatic Retail Solutions Portfolio
The industry-leading Sensormatic retail solutions portfolio offers vital loss prevention and operational improvement technologies and solutions. Backed by more than 1,500 patents, the Sensormatic solutions portfolio is sold through ADT and Tyco partners around the world. From the front of the store through the entire retail supply chain, Sensormatic solutions help keep losses lower - and profits higher. Today, over 80 percent of world's top 200 retailers that use EAS rely on Sensormatic solutions, which include EAS, source-tagging, data analytics and in-store, item-level intelligence applications. Sensormatic forward-thinking solutions also include dual EAS-RFID technology that provides item-level security and visibility in an ever changing retail environment.

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